Markdown is a markup language designed to be simple enough to let anyone write structured documents without the need of a visual editor

I strongly encourage you to change the source of the various parts to see what happens (the output will change as

Basic styles

With this markup you can obtain simple emhpasis (usually rendered in italic text), strong emphasis (usually rendered in bold text), source code text (usually rendered in monospaced text), or ~~strikethrough~~ text (usually rendered with a line through text).

You may use also _this_ or __this__ notation to emphatize text, and you can use all them _**`together`**_ (and you can mix * and _ )

If you look at the source code you may note that even if you break the lines, the text is kept together in a single paragraph

Paragraphs are delimited by blank lines, leading and trailing spaces are removed

You may force a line break with two spaces or with a ``at the end of